Workshops April 9th & 10th

Valorization of the soil of an abandoned plot

In the end, we facilitated 2 workshop moments: on Saturday we implemented two tree nests and on Sunday we created a summer garden and managed some wildlife in the plot. 


Each workshop is a hands-on activity with the theoretical information being given as we move along the steps. Although the activities were different, the main teachings were not.  The goal of these workshops is to pass on the importance that life in the soil has and how we can act not only to preserve it but even enhance it. Combining this intention with notions of polyculture, agroforestry principles, and water management techniques, we get familiar with regenerative agricultural practices.

So first we get familiar with each other and then answer:

What will we do?

Why will we do it?

How will we make it happen?

After it comes the fun part: work on the soil and organize the organic matter! 

Constantly returning to the questions of what, why, and how… We can move on to introducing seeds and seedlings!

Here comes the time of a very important action… MULCHING! After that, we can take a big deep breath, appreciate the end result, and chit-chat about our learnings.


Being a space within the Húmus Vivo neighborhood, we are lucky enough to be able to monitor it regularly. These pictures were taken 5 weeks after.

Here you can see the first warriors thriving and ready for harvest (aka lettuces). 

We noticed that most of the corn and other larger seeds didn’t sprout – we might have a little rodent friend! However, a lot of the smaller seeds sprouted and their seedlings are now being protected by both the lettuces and the endemic pioneer species (usually called weeds – they can be our friends if we let them!).