Apúlia, Portugal

 Rehabilitation of a public space

From April until August 2022, Húmus Vivo and Critical Concrete partnered in rehabilitating a public space, focusing on the necessities of the place and community in question, assessed through a participatory design.

Multifunctional sustainable furniture was put in place following Critical Concrete’s expertise. Húmus Vivo was able to give valuable input as to how to manage and prioritize the greening of the area. The municipality of Apúlia provided the needed extra resources.

The result of the greening action was the improvement of two spaces: 

  • A larger communal area turned into a picnic. We install not only a table, but also circular nests of biodiversity where forest processes are mimicked. The tallest elements are fruit trees with lower trees/shrubs growing right underneath, supported by various other lower species. These allow for a safe hub for both residents and fauna. The main focus was to introduce as much as edible species as possible and motivate the appropriation of remaining space in order to create communal vegetable gardens.
  • Big openings around the trees were created by lifting the surrounding cement bricks.  Regenerative gardens were set in place with medicinal plants and some edible options for the use of the community. 
Overall, edaphoclimatic conditions, endemic species, ground-covering, water needs and management, as well as drought-resistant techniques were thought through in order to achieve a resilient public garden.


More info!

In a case study written by Critical Concrete, you can deep dive into the holistic approach to this project!