Advocates of agricultural systemic change

Agriculture is a massive pillar of society, no question about it. With the increase of consumerism and globalization of products, along with the so-called “green revolution” (1950s to late 1960s), global agricultural systems have become a problem for the health of our planet, including ours.

We believe that as much as agricultural systems are a problem, they can also become the solution. Through regenerative systems and intense farming methods where no chemicals are used, life in the soil is nurtured, organic matter is valued and mechanization is smartly combined with succession cycles, we can globally change the way food is produced in a way that instead of hurting us actually benefit us.

We invite you to change the lenses with which you see agricultural practices. The life in the soil is what feeds our production. First, we must always attend to the soil. By keeping in mind the importance of nurturing the soil and the microorganisms within, we start changing our mechanisms, different opportunities arise and creative thinking leads us to incredible solutions.


Focusing on urban environments, such as public spaces and private gardens, we offer a selection of services ranging from advice process to implementation. Through this work, we bring adapted solutions to both communities and individuals.

What can it involve?

Site & needs evaluation

Advice process


Tips & tricks for autonomy

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Together with the youth and municipalities, we thrive on impacting the young minds. We allow them the space needed to connect and understand Nature as part of us. We want to diminish the dissonance from the city life to where food comes from.

Together with neighborhood communities, we promote conscious and sustainable choices within the power of each one of us. 

Valuing organic matter (including food waste),  reducing water intake, and understanding the impact of our choices are some of the topics we focus on.

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Small actions with big impact